Monday, 23 March 2015

The Split Worlds: Any Other Name

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 This is the second installment of the trilogy I am currently reading (you can read my post about the first part here).

This continues to follow the characters from the first book, through yet more corruption, trials and tribulations. A lot of change is thrown at the main characters in this novel; Cathy has just been taken out of her violent father’s home and has found herself married into another, more controlling family. Sam is loosing his wife. The sorcerer is loosing his mind…

As with the first, I found myself getting through it quite quickly. Again, it’s obviously tailored more for teens than someone in their mid-20s, with a slightly more simplistic style of writing, but it does get a little darker and sinister compared to the first. There are also a lot of changes; I don’t want to give too much away, but one of the main characters makes a complete u-turn in their outlook by the end, and it felt quite sudden, although it made sense. There wasn’t much umming and ahing, which didn’t really fit with the character we got to know in the first book.

I must admit, I am still in two minds about this series. I don’t think there’s quite enough depth to keep me really enthralled and engrossed, but I am already well into the third and last installment and find myself being unable to put it down at times. It’s an odd one… the basis of the storyline and the worlds Newman has created are great, I just feel that there’s too much filler, and a little bit more could have been done with it.

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