Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Amigurumi Humpty Dumpty Puzzle

Pattern from Book People Studio
This is my first non-recipe post! I only got into crochet in late 2013, making a few little bits that included a hat, a scarf, and a blanket. For Christmas that year, I was given an amigurumi pattern book, and decided that this was more my thing than just making scarves. I made an entire mobile's worth of sea creatures with my new found skills, but then due to a (very long and drawn out) house move, I just couldn't find the time for this particular hobby. It has probably been just under a year since I last crocheted anything, but I've really enjoyed getting back into it and have a ton of things I now want to try making. 

I do not know how to write crochet patterns, and in the past have got most of the ones I've used online. I will of course credit any patterns that I have used to their original source.

I found this free pattern online and thought I'd give him a go to ease myself back into it - the pattern is clear and really easy to follow, though I did find the arms and legs a little tricky at 4sc around, so increased it to 6 to make it more manageable. He's not perfect, but I'm actually pretty pleased with how he turned out. I used a 3mm crochet hook, and with his hat, he sits just under 5" tall. And the best bit? He's made in six parts, so when he falls, he breaks apart... ready to be put back together again! He'd make a cute gift for any little ones in your family.

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